2009/4/27 David Gerard <dger...@gmail.com>:
> 2009/4/27 Andrew Turvey <andrewrtur...@googlemail.com>:
>> As David Cameron's such a fan, should we sent him a membership form! :)
> And Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg, of  course ;-)
> Keeping resolutely nonpartisan is important, of course.

When they praise Wikipedia in a speech :-)

If we have any members who are secretly Tory members, they would be
the best way to go about it - a cheeky letter to DC saying something
like "I heard your praise for Wikipedia in your speech; would you be
interested in in joining this organisation which supports its aims in
the UK?" might almost work! ;-)

By the way, David, I noticed yesterday that your name was not on the list ;-)

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