Please find forwarded below a message from our sister chapter, Wikimedia 
Italia, regarding the awards they are doing. Please respond directly to them if 
you would like to nominate anyone for a prize. 



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Subject: [Chapters] Wikimedia Italia Award 2009 (most of all the award 
concerning Commons) 

I would announce you that until the 15th of May Wikimedia Italia is 
collecting some nominations to select the winners of the Wikimedia 
Italia Award 2009 which will take place the 23th May in Vicenza (near 
Venice) in collaboration with local administrations and associations 
during the "festival of digital freedom" 

The award is divided in different categories and some categories are 
strictly related with Italy and with Italian language for example: 

* Best project of content's liberation in Italy under free license in the 2009 
* Best promotional material in Italian language in the 2009 concerning 
Wikimedia's projects 
* Best article or study concerning the open content in the 2009 
written in Italian language 
* Best Italian Wikipedia article written from 15th April and 15th May 2009 
* Best image or media published from 15th April and 15th May 2009 in 
Commons about the "Palladian Architecture" 
* Best contribution in other projects (Wikibook, Wikinews, Wikisource, 
etc.) in Italian language in the 2009 
* Best contribution in any other version of Wikipedia written in other 
language spoken in Italy different from Italian (i.e. Arpitan, 
Sicilian, Slovenščina, etc.) 

This award will have an important diffusion in the media and in the 
local government. 

What could be of your interest? 

Also if the categories are connected with Italy and Italian language, 
there is an award connected with Commons 
which could be of your interest. The subject is "Palladio and the 
palladian architecture" 
In Commons there is a page where any contributor can put the 
nominations for the best media (photo or multimedia) concerning the 
architecture influenced by Palladio. 

We know that this architect has had a wide influence in some 
architecture in England, Ireland and USA... please go to take a photo 
of your local ancient building influenced by Palladio and upload it in 
Commons and put the announcement of your contribution in the related 
You have time until the 15th May. 

Please contribute. 

I am sending this email also to the chapters to ask your help to 
widespread this initiative in your local communities. 

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Wikimedia Ch 
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