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> 2009/5/20 Peter Coombe <thewub.w...@googlemail.com>:
>> Good find, I added my name too. But see the comment left by John
>> Sheridan - 
>> http://www.opsi.gov.uk/unlocking-service/CommentView/guid/bc8d9078-135a-4a75-98c9-9c9e0cb92bef#commentstart
>> looks like some company called Dods owns the copyright on those photos.
> /Dods/ are publishers of Dods' Parliamentary Compaion, the standard
> reference work on, well, Parliament. I'm guessing that they take these
> pictures for their book, and license them back to the parliamentary
> website (etc).

That's absolutely terrible in itself in my opinion.

It's ridiculous the Houses of Parliament lack their own, official 
photographs of their members. I mean the US Senate and Congress take 
them. And there's official photographs of most US federal officeholders.

I think if OPSI don't address this in that thread we could bring it up 
with our MPs/Houses of Parliament authorities (although I expect 
they're pretty busy atm!).

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