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news elsewhere. 

Wikimedia UK took part in these discussions with the other chapters that 
resulted in the selection of Arne Klempert and Michael Snow as the two 
"chapter-selected" Board members of the Wikimedia Foundation. 


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Date: Fri, May 22, 2009 at 11:53 AM 
Subject: [Foundation-l] Announcement: Chapter Selected Board Seats 
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Hello Everyone, 

As you may recall the board was restructured last year around this 
time. At that time we asked the chapters to select two board members 
for the board. This would happen in the even-numbered years. The three 
community seats would be elected in the odd-numbered years. 

As was to be expected it took the chapters a while to come to a 
procedure and selection the first time around. Unfortunately this 
could have had the result that 2009 would have been the year in which 
both the elected board members and the chapter selected board members 
were changed/added to the board. In the interest of continuity the 
board asked the chapters to consider selecting one current board 
member for one of the two chapter selected seats this time around. I 
am happy to inform you that not only did they agree to this, they have 
also found an excellent addition to the board for the other seat. 

The chapters have provided the board with the following statement and 
the board has been happy to approve their selections. 

“Chapters Statement 

In April 2008, the Wikimedia Foundation gave the chapters a role in 
the board member selection process, by asking them to select 
candidates to fill two of the Trustees seats. 
The Wikimedia chapters have selected Arne Klempert as a new candidate. 
In agreement with the board, they have decided to propose Michael Snow 
as their second candidate, with the intent of confirming his position 
on the Board of Trustees as occupying one of the chapters selected 
Board seats. The chapters are glad that both candidates have accepted 
their selection and hope that the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia 
Foundation will be able to formalize this as soon as possible. The 
selection of those candidates comes after many heated but fruitful 
discussions and represents the chapters' will to introduce novelty and 
ensure continuity in the board of the Wikimedia Foundation. 

Arne Klempert is Head of Digital Communications at IFOK, a German 
consulting firm. He is one of the founders of the German chapter. He 
was involved in the development of Wikimedia Deutschland first as vice- 
chair and then as Executive Director, until September 2008. 

Michael Snow has served on the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation since 
December 2007, and was chosen in July 2008 to be its chair. Michael is 
a lawyer and has been involved in Wikimedia for many years as Head of 
the Wikimedia Communications Committee and creator of the Wikipedia 
Signpost, amongst other roles. 

The chapters are confident that this selection brings quality, 
diversity and stability to the board of the Wikimedia Foundation, and 
that both candidates will capably handle the responsibilities of being 
Trustees. Both candidates are selected to fill a term that ends in 
July 2010. 

Please join me in welcoming Arne to the board and congratulating 
Michael on his re-appointment. On behalf of the board I would like to 
thank all those involved in facilitating the process and making these 
appointments possible. 

Jan-Bart de Vreede 

Vice Chair Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees 
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