2009/6/1 Brian McNeil <brian.mcn...@wikinewsie.org>:
> I know this may be early days, but I see mention of chapter negotiations and
> this is a somewhat related issue.
> Most people here (not in the wider public) know about the Cafepress store
> for Wiki merchandise, but it doesn’t really cut it anymore. I am aware that
> alternatives are being looked at, but this may not be global coverage, and
> would likely not cope with localised merchandise for WM UK.
> I know the Wikimedia name is covered in the chapters’ agreement(s), but if
> you wanted to do a members-only T-shirt, could you do “Wikimedia UK,
> Supporting the Wikipedia Mission” shirts from a local supplier to keep
> shipping costs down? Obviously a cut goes to the WMF, but this seems like a
> good point to cover in any future agreement.

Merchandise has been discussed and the WMF has always been supportive
of chapters selling merchandise, at least to members. I don't think
there would be any need to give the WMF a cut. The exact details of
how the trademark agreement is worded in respect to such things is yet
to be worked out, but whatever the final wording is we have Mike
Godwin's explicit promise that we will be able to sell t-shirts to

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