2009/6/3 Andrew Turvey <andrewrtur...@googlemail.com>:
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> Proposal:
> Every even numbered year the chapters will select two people to take seats
> on The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) board. The chapters and WMF board agree
> that these board members are not intended to represent the chapters, they
> are expected to act in the best interests of the WMF at all times. These
> selections will be made by 1st July of each year. The following steps will
> be taken:
> By 1st April: The chapters will appoint a moderator to manage the election.
> This is intended to be very simple, sometime a few weeks before that date
> someone should nominate a moderator and if no-one objects (which they should
> only do if they have a serious problem with the candidate's ability to do
> the job in an fair and impartial manner) that person will be moderator. The
> moderator should not be a candidate, but they can participate in the
> process. The moderator is responsible for keeping the community updated with
> the progress through this process and will serve as liaison to the WMF
> board.
> By 1st May: Chapters will nominate at most two candidates each by supplying
> the following information on the chapters wiki:
> The name of the nominee
> The name of the nominating chapter
> A statement from the chapter in support of the nominee
> A statement from the nominee in support of themselves, confirming they are
> willing and eligible to take a seat on the WMF board
> From 1st May to 15th June: The chapters will discuss the candidates on the
> chapters wiki and will attempt to reach a consensus on which two to select.
> If, at any time during this period, the moderator feels a consensus has been
> reached he will clearly state who he/she believes the chapters have chosen
> and if no chapter has objected after a week, those nominees will be selected
> and the moderator will inform the WMF board. If a chapter objects, the
> chapters will go back to discussion. This process can be repeated as many
> times as appropriate during the period.
> If no consensus has been reached by 15th June the moderator will announce a
> vote. Each chapter will vote for two candidates by posting on the chapters
> wiki and, on 1st July, the moderator will count the votes and the two
> candidates with the most votes will be selected and the moderator will
> inform the WMF board. In the event of a tie, the moderator will toss a coin.
> The method(s) used by individual chapters to make any decisions required of
> them are entirely up to the chapter in question, however chapters are
> advised that the names of candidates and any discussion and votes are
> confidential and should be restricted to the chapters wiki.

That looks absolutely identical to the proposal I put on the chapters
wiki during the Berlin meeting (ie. months ago) after the relevant
committee there met. What have you been doing since then?

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