Hi all, 

Given the amount of recent press coverage we have had [1], we would like to 
develop some positive "template" messages promoting the Wikimedia projects and 
responding to common criticisms. We hope that these can be used to positively 
set the agenda for our media coverage rather than having to respond on the back 

At the moment we would like to compile a list of common "scenarios" where these 
could be used. I've started a section at [2] to collate these - 

The examples I've put in already are: 

1 Vandalism - "Wikipedia's useless because it's full of vandalism" 
2 Reliability - "Wikipedia is not as reliable as other sources" 

We'd like to end up with about 6-10 scenarios - please could you help us with 
this by adding your suggestions there or by replying to this message. 

Many thanks! 

[1] http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Newsletter/June2009#Press_Coverage 
[2] http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Media_relations#Media_response 

Andrew Turvey 
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