Hi all, 

The minutes of the last board meeting are now up on the wiki at and copied for your 
convenience below. Please could you let me have any corrections or queries. 

At the last meeting, we had three key discussions on membership recruitment, 
fundraising and initiatives. One of the key conclusions was how interlinked 
these are - the more initiatives we have, particularly those that are 
participative, the more members we can attract to the chapter. Subscription 
fees will then be able to cover the administrative costs of running the 
chapter, meaning we can focus our fundraising on initiatives. 

We affirmed our commitment to completing at least three initiatives by the time 
of the next AGM in spring 2010. To this end, we've adopted a timeline (at which says we aim to 
identify the three initiatives by 15 July, establish a person to lead for each 
task by 31 July and set out a full plan with costs, timetable and resource 
requirement by the end of August. 

Next Tuesday, the board will holding an open discussion on initiatives in 
#wikimedia-uk - please come along and let us know what ideas you have, share 
ideas and let us know what you can do to help. 

In the meantime we are looking into creating a range of members-only 
merchandising, which will feature Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK logos 
on mugs, ties, cufflinks and so on. Let us know what kinds of items you would 
be interested in buying! 

We are also having business cards printed so that those people who represent 
the chapter will be able to give out a professional and consistent image. If 
you would like to have some of these cards printed, please contact Paul 
Williams, our Volunteers Director (ccd above) . 

Finally, we noted that our response to HMRC has now been sent in, and we are 
waiting to see how that is received. 


Andrew Turvey 

Wikimedia UK 
Wikimedia UK is the operating name of Wiki UK Limited. 
Wiki UK Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales, 
Registered No. 6741827. 
The Registered Office is at 23 Cartwright Way, Nottingham, NG9 1RL, United 

Wikimedia UK Board meeting Tuesday 23rd June 2009, 8:30pm BST at 
Present: Michael Peel (MP) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (minutes); Joseph Seddon 
(JS); Paul Williams (PW); Tom Holden (TH) 

Apologies: Steve Virgin (SV); Zeyi He (ZH) 

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        • 1 Minutes of the previous meetings 

                • 1.1 Matters arising 

                        • 1.1.1 Business cards 
        • 2 Reports 

                • 2.1 Secretary's Report 
                • 2.2 Treasurer's Report 
                • 2.3 Chair's Report 
                • 2.4 Conferences Report 
                • 2.5 Corporate relations Report 
        • 3 Membership recruitment 
        • 4 Newsletter 
        • 5 Initiatives 
        • 6 Fundraising 
        • 7 Next meeting 

[ edit ] Minutes of the previous meetings 
The minutes of the meetings dated 9 June were approved. 
The following actions have been carried forward: 
1. JS to send the tokens of our appreciation to the retiring Directors, tellers 
and external speakers. 
2. TH to contact the bank to notify them of the new directors, to change the 
signatories to any two of MP, AT and TH and to set up AT and MP on the online 
banking. ZH, SV and JS to return to TH the forms they have received. 

3. MP to organise transfer of to WMUK. 
ACTION: MP /wiki/ File:Yes_check.svg Picture (Metafile)/wiki/ 
File:Yes_check.svg Done 
4. AT will send the opt out email re Phorm once has been 
5. PW will arrange the production of business cards for Wikimedia UK officials. 
6. SV, MP, JS to collate press response template list 
7. TD agreed to contact the gazette on behalf of WMUK to solicit a pro-bono 
8. MP agreed to contact pro bono lawyer groups by email 
9. JS to copy the standard templates from OTRS for use in the press response 
10. JS to clarify if the offer of help from WJBScribe means formal written 
advice that can be relied upon or informal word of mouth assistance. 

11. The cost to attend the Online Information 2009 (1-3 Dec, London) conference 
is £400/day/person (£400 for the 3 days for registered charities). JS will 
confirm whether speakers have to pay this fee. 

12. In the event that speakers do have to pay the fee, SV will look into 
getting a slot in a fringe event instead. 
13. Once this is established, JS, MP, AT will work on a submission 
14. AT to thank the pro-bono lawyer for his offer of help, explain the Board 
has decided to respond to HMRC ASAP; if this is not successful we may then seek 
legal advice so would be grateful for assistance then if it's still available 
and would they be prepared to advise us on the chapters agreement. 

15. AT to submit expenses AGM claim . 
16. MP to investigate what other domains names are available so that the Board 
can decide whether to request ownership ourselves or enable the WMF to own 


[ edit ] Matters arising 

[ edit ] Business cards 
It was agreed that all people who act on behalf of the chapter - including 
non-board members - will be able to have personalised or general business cards 
so long as they pay for the cost, including postage, themselves. 

The chapter agreed to pay up to £5 per person to fund board members' business 
It was decided to use the WMF standard design set out Business Cards/generic 
design , tweaked as necessary. 
PW agreed to finalise the design, contact interested members to see what cards 
they want and organise the printing. 

[ edit ] Reports 

[ edit ] Secretary's Report 
The report here was noted. 
The response to HMRC was sent earlier today. We had not heard back from the 
Foundation so it was decided not to delay it any longer. AT agreed to upload 
the letter to the wiki. 

ACTION: AT /wiki/ File:Yes_check.svg Picture (Metafile)/wiki/ 
File:Yes_check.svg Done ( File:File-HMRC Response Letter.pdf ) 

[ edit ] Treasurer's Report 
The report here was noted. 
A member asked what the status was with direct debits - TH said we have to have 
had the account opened for a year so this will be reconsidered in January 2010. 

[ edit ] Chair's Report 
The report here was noted. 

[ edit ] Conferences Report 
The report here was noted. 

[ edit ] Corporate relations Report 
The report here was noted. 

[ edit ] Membership recruitment 
PW led a discussion on membership recruitment asking how can we reach out to 
people to join and how can we engage existing members to renew. 

AT reported that the WMF are happy in principle with members merchandising - 
they would like to frmalise the agreement with an exchange of emails, from us 
setting out what we intend to do and from them agreeing to it. PW agreed to 
draft an email to the WMF. 

PW agreed to look into where we could produce merchandise. 
We discussed raising awareness of our activities by sending messages to the 
most active UK based wikimedians (perhaps using User:Cfp/Sandbox1) 

It was agreed that having participatory intiatives was key, and we would 
consider this when looking at future initiatives. We could also arrange 
members-only events, as done by Wikimedia Australia with their cultural 
institution contacts. 

Members may also consider that "having their say" through votes at the AGM and 
for chapter-selected seats on the WMF is a key reason to join. 

We should also look to improve our standard advertising templates like 

[ edit ] Newsletter 
Final changes were discussed to the June newsletter 
PW agreed to finalise on Tuesday evening and distribute with MP. 
ACTION: PW, MP /wiki/ File:Yes_check.svg Picture (Metafile)/wiki/ 
File:Yes_check.svg Done 

[ edit ] Initiatives 
The initiatives timeline was agreed with changes. 

[ edit ] Fundraising 
It was suggested we fundraise specifically for particular inititatives and try 
to recruit enough members so that subscriptions cover general admin expenses. 
When we do events we should sue that as an opportunity to fundraise - even if 
it's just standing there with a bucket for coins. Fundraising may be easier 
once we have charitable status. 

At the moment it was decided not to establish a fundraising committee or to set 
up a CiviCRM account, but to reconsider both at the time of the annual WMF 

[ edit ] Next meeting 
It was agreed the next meeting would be on Tuesday 7th July, 8:30 pm (BST) in 
In the meantime, there would be a discussion on initiatives on Tuesday 30th 
June, 8:30pm in #wikimedia-uk. 


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