2009/7/12 Michael Peel <em...@mikepeel.net>:

> This is something I'm currently trying to become much more active in
> - I've talked to one museum (Manchester Museum of Science and
> Industry), but haven't gotten much further with other museums yet
> (need to spend the time to write emails etc.). My focus is much more
> on starting talking to them, rather than going straight for any sort
> of image donation etc., as I want to make sure that both sides are
> happy with the outcome and have a long and cooperative relationship.
> Need more time in the day/week...

There are already pissed-off Wikimedians likely to be contacting them
as individuals. So I want to make this a nice call. I know they've
already started getting upset (though all extremely well written)
emails (I've gotten copies).

When you thump a hornet's nest with a cricket bat, you get to
negotiate with each hornet individually. Thankfully we're not that
keen to sting, honest ...

- d.

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