Hi all,

You're probably all aware of the London Loves WIkipedia initiative,  
which has been funded (via the WMF) and will be running in the next  
year (most likely the actual event will run in february 2010). The  
page for this is at:

Who would be interested in lending a hand organizing this?

The first task would be figuring out everything that's necessary -  
but a broad-brush overview would be:
1. Get museums involved, start discussions with them as to what can  
be photographed, what rules are necessary, when special events should  
happen etc.
2. Get sponsors involved, gifting prizes
3. Develop the webpages and other documentation, get participants to  
go to the museums during the appropriate month and upload their pictures
4. Be at the special events, making sure that they go smoothly etc.
5. After the event, help sort through the images, work out who wins  
the prizes, and assist in moving the images to Wikimedia Commons (if  
they're not there already).

Of course, not all of this has to be done by one person (a team of  
3-4 would work best, I think), and the workload would be spread out  
over the course of a year, so there's not that much to be done at any  
one time.

Volunteers, comments and/or questions?


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