2009/7/20 Andrew Turvey <andrewrtur...@googlemail.com>:
>> Slide 7: I'd rather WMUK didn't draw conclusions about how
>> child-friendly Wikipedia is. Present the facts and let people make up
>> their own minds. Personally, I think it is perfectly child-friendly,
>> since I don't see any harm coming from exposure to sex and violence.
> I'm talking to primary school teachers here as well as secondary school
> teachers. From the schools Wikipedia website:
> "Wikipedia is not necessarily a childsafe environment and has "adult"
> content."
> I'll change it to use their wordings.

Yeah, "not child-safe" is far better than "not child-friendly". It
makes it clearer that children can use it but need supervision.

>> Slide 9: Bear in mind that the Nature study is several years old now.
>> Wikipedia has changed a lot since then.
> True, and the study was very limited anyway. However, I'm not aware of any
> other studies that have been done.

I know of others for other languages, but I can't think of any for enwiki.

>> Slide 12: WikiSpecies is hardly one of our major projects. I would
>> replace it with Wiktionary (I would also spell "Wiktionary"
>> correction! ;)).
> It isn't, but it contains lots of educational material, which I could
> imagine teachers using. I've added Wiktionary though, spelt correctly!

I see I've obeyed whatever law it is that says there has to be a typo
in any message pointing out a spelling mistake!

> Cheers! I've got 20 minutes to do 10 slides (well, 10 with material on it)
> which seems about right.

As a rule of thumb, that works, but you do need to actually time it and see.

> I'll let you know how I get on.

Good luck!

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