Dear supporters, 

At this week's meeting the Board had a discussion about the extent to which the 
organisation should support free content projects which are in line with our 
objects but which aren't run by the Wikimedia Foundation. 

The majority view was that we should, in principle, be open to supporting these 
projects. This is of course subject to the restrictions of the Objects clause 
of our constitution and the Chapter Agreement. The minority view was that we 
should restrict ourselves to only supporting Wikimedia Foundation projects. The 
majority view was also shared by the chapter supporters who commented in the 
#wikimedia-uk channel. Before adopting this as a decision, however, we wanted 
to give an opportunity for supporters who weren't at the meeting to express 
their views. 

Please could you let us know your views either on this email list or in a reply 
to me The board will discuss this again at its meeting on 5th August. 



Andrew Turvey 
Wikimedia UK 
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