We previously mentioned that the Wikimedia Foundation has started a discussion 
about concluding a new Chapter Agreement with Wikimedia UK and the other 

Unfortunately, the draft agreement that was put forward has generated 
significant disagreements between the Foundation and chapters and it hasn't 
been easy to get a consensus. The Foundation has therefore decided to put this 
process on hold until the next chapters meeting in spring next year. 

Full email from the Foundation is copied below for your information. We will, 
as always, keep supporters informed as to any further developments. 


Andrew Turvey 
Wikimedia UK 
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I apologize for the delay in composing this note. As you know, earlier 
this year we shared with you a first draft of a revised chapters 
agreement. This was designed to bring greater clarity to the chapters 
/ WMF relationship. 

There are clearly some points in this draft about which there is 
significant disagreement. While we would have ideally liked to develop 
consensus quickly, after some internal discussion, we've concluded 
that this is clearly not going to happen. We don't want disagreements 
about legal language to distract us from shared objectives, so we're 
suggesting that we park the issue for now. WMF and the chapters are 
working together constructively in many areas and we want to focus our 
energy on growing and deepening those relationships. 

With regard to newly approved chapters, we will execute the existing agreement: 


There are some inconsistencies in current agreements with some 
chapters which we may seek to resolve directly with those chapters. 
And of course we'll continue to develop the fundraising agreement for 
the fundraiser and beyond. 

As you know, the strategic planning process is kicking into full gear, 
and we want chapters to be involved in this process to the greatest 
extent possible. The process may also inform how we want to structure 
the WMF / chapters relationship. Finally, we simply don't have the 
organizational bandwidth to engage in a deep, prolonged discussion 
about every element of the agreement structure at this point, and we 
don't want to do so at the expense of critical mission activities. 

I suggest that we reopen this discussion at the next WMF / chapters 
meeting at the earliest. I know there are some specific issues that 
are of concern to some chapters, such as online shops, and I hope that 
we'll be able to give more attention to these issues soon, and 
independently of this process. 

Erik Möller 
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation 

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