Early heads up about a potential workshop that is being discussed in France. 
May be worth getting some WMUK people in here - particularly the "content 
partnerships" track. 

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Wikimedia France and the Wikimedia Foundation are currently 
considering the idea of a multimedia-focused workshop and planning 
event to take place in October 2009. Rather than an open community 
conference like Wikimania, this would be a workshop targeting skilled 
practitioners who want to help transform our approach to rich media 
throughout the Wikimedia universe. 

This event will most likely happen in France, as Wikimedia France will 
be providing logistical support and most of the funding, with a goal 
to ensure that the most relevant people can be present at the event. 

One of the key objective of this meeting would be to help inform the 
recently funded Multimedia Usability Project to improve the usability 
of Wikimedia Commons. This meeting should help to immerse the project 
team in the complex world of multimedia in Wikimedia projects today. 
It should also help to start building a core group of volunteers as 
well as chapter support for the project. 

Beyond the Multimedia Usability Project, we're hoping that useful 
practical discussions will lead to outcomes positively driving 
approaches to sharing and collaborating multimedia in the Wikimedia 
universe forward. 

We're thinking of a three-day event with a group of 30 people total, 
who could receive travel scholarships if they don't have any other 
organizational funding support. The meeting could potentially be 
divided into three tracks: technology, content partnerships, and 
community practices. Participants would be a combination of people 
directly invited because of their known high value contributions, and 
people applying or being nominated. 

We're currently envisioning that the tracks could be structured as follows: 

* Technology track: This would include hammering out specs and code 
for key technological improvements deemed necessary for rich media in 
WMF projects in areas such as upload usability and workflow, search 
and tagging (including multilingual search), permissions workflow, 
deletion workflow, and so forth. It could also address next-generation 
technologies such as video editing tools, as well as operational 
issues associated with large scale content delivery. 

* Content partnerships track: This would look at best practices, and 
could perhaps be used to hammer out a "content partnerships manual" 
for working with institutions as in the case of the German archive 
partnerships. It could also be used to prioritize partnership 

* Community practices track: Here we would discuss constructive ways 
for the Commons and local project communities to interact, existing 
deletion and arbitration practices, legal issues with different types 
of media, and other day-to-day issues that Commons community members 
deal with. 

Ideally the outputs of the process would also feed into the Wikimedia 
Foundation strategy planning process. This workshop is not designed to 
address "content creation" questions, i.e., how to shoot a good photo, 
how to restore an image, etc. It's intended to identify practical 
solutions and approaches for challenges in the above three areas. 

Please give us your feedback 

* Does this basic division make sense? Might another track setup be 
more helpful? 
* In the above tracks, which other issues should be addressed? Which 
issues should be avoided? 
* Any other comments and suggestions welcome. 

Also, if you'd like to participate in such an event, or if you want to 
nominate someone else to do so, feel free to send us an initial note. 
We may decide to not hold the event, or to alter its shape, but a 
provisional expression of interest will help us plan. Currently we're 
holding October 9-11 as the dates. 

Please leave comments on the talk page here: 

Or if you want to express interest privately, please e-mail both me 
and Delphine Ménard: 


Erik Möller 
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation 

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