At 17:31 +0100 24/8/09, Thomas Dalton wrote:
>2009/8/24 James Forrester <>:
>>  All,
>>  I'm in Buenos Aires for the Wikimania conference in a few days, and
>>  was wondering if there are any Wikimedia UK-related people around. I'm
>>  getting asked questions and invited to things as if I can talk
>>  'officially' for the chapter (which of course I cannot).
>>  Is there going to be someone here who will be able to help people more
>>  'officially'?
>As far as I know, no. The chapter didn't have the funds to send anyone
>and no-one involved with the chapter that applied for scholarships got
>them. I don't know of anyone that was planning to go at their own
>While you obviously can't talk for the chapter (had we thought about
>this sooner, perhaps you could have spoken to the board and been told
>the official stand on some issues that you could pass on, but it is
>too late for that now), if you are willing I would support you being
>nominated as an "official observer" to attend any relevant meetings
>and let the board know what happens. (Obviously, that isn't my
>decision - I can't make official decisions and comments any more than
>you can.)

Line James up for Poland next year?


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