2009/8/26 Thomas Dalton <thomas.dal...@gmail.com>:
> 2009/8/26 David Gerard <dger...@gmail.com>:

>> I'm on BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans for a three-minute segment around
>> 5:30ish (plus or minus who knows what) and Sky News around 7:15pm.
>> (Black shirt, no tie ;-) )

> Just watched you on Sky, very good! You spent the whole time
> emphasising how this is better than protection, which is what we need
> to do. Well done! :-)

Is there an online copy anywhere? Apparently you couldn't actually
watch it live unless you were a Sky subscriber, which we aren't any
more ...

(Our telly viewing is basically CBeebies on a laptop for the toddler.
Worth every penny of the licence fee.)

I've got the rap down pretty well now:

* Living bios are special and we've been harsh on them for a coupla years
* Abusive rubbish and slander is *wrong* and that's not what we're here for
* out of 300k living bios, we have ~1000 locked from editing (I don't
bother explaining full vs semi-protection)
* those 1000 are locked to any editing
* with flagged revisions, we can have the good copy up for the casual
viewer but can still edit the live copy
* we're approaching it v carefully, because that instant live thing is
a real buzz and motivation - very short delay to live is important
* German Wikipedia's had this for a year on *all* articles and it's
still alive and well and dynamic

- d.

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