Hi all,

Some of you may have already noticed that I've started fleshing out  
the Britain Loves Wikipedia wiki pages, online at:

I've also created a second set of wiki pages on cultural  
partnerships, at:
The basis for this was that whenever I've talked to museums, they've  
asked for more information. It's a lot easier to point them to a  
single webpage than to send them a long email with lots of links in  
it, and I hope that it will be a lot more effective.

Please take a look at these, and (if you have the time) comment and  
improve on them.

I have a couple of queries that I'd like everyone's input on.

First: The event was originally down as "London Loves Wikipedia", and  
focusing on museums in London only. I've been trying to broaden that,  
so that we have museums from across the country involved. My  
intention is to "cluster" these - i.e. when we have one museum in a  
city joining in with the event, then I'll try to focus on getting  
other nearby museums involved also. The logic behind this is that  
people can then visit multiple museums in a single day within the  
competition, hence staying interested in the event for longer and  
taking more images. Does this seem like a logical approach to take?

Second: What are the other joint activities that you'd like to see  
with museums? At the moment, there's Britain Loves Wikipedia; content  
donations and tours (both in the museums and behind-the-scenes).  
What's missing from that list?


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