A quick reminder that there is an informal meeting for anybody who is 
interested in wiki technology (and related technologies) this week 
(Wednesday 2nd September) in Central London.



At 14:37 +0100 22/8/09, Gordon Joly wrote:
>Since it has been difficult to convene in the old format (short
>talks, PowerPoint, sponsored food and drink etc), Andrew Black has
>suggested an informal meeting.
>The venue is well known to the group that meets on a Sunday - it is
>Penderel's Oak. The date is Wednesday 2nd September (following the
>first Wednesday rule), and the start time is 7pm.
>We (looks like I am host!) have booked the downstairs - Cellar Bar -
>for the evening.
>Sign up on the Facebook event page:
>I will bring a few beer tokens....

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