2009/9/14 WereSpielChequers <werespielchequ...@googlemail.com>:
> I'm not a fan of merchandising as part of a charities function. But if
> it is done it should have the saving grace of having a sufficient
> markup to help finance the organisation.

It's not a matter of being a fan or not - merchandising is not part of
our function, it can only legally be done for the purposes of raising
funds. Raising funds by attracting more members is a possibility, but
I'm sceptical that it would raise enough funds to be worth the risk of
unsold stock. If there is significant risk (which, without a profit
margin to help absorb losses, there would be) then it would have to be
done through a trading subsidiary, anyway (without the risk it would
fall under the small trading exemption so could be done directly), and
that will incur admin costs.

> Now what would be cool would be Wikipedia calenders. Flowers, sports
> events historical events - we could theme quite a few and they'd make
> great gifts. It would also be a good article improvement process as
> the nominated articles for the calender would be liable to get good
> scrutiny and input whist we discuss which should go in the calender.
> OK we would need wmf agreement to do this as a fundraiser sold outside
> the membership, but there is a well established charity market for
> such things. I for one can think of half a dozen calenders that I
> might buy  as winter solstice presents for assorted friends and
> relatives.

Now, that is a fantastic idea! They would be very cheap to produce (in
terms of money - lots of volunteer labour would be required) so could
be sold cheaply while still having a decent profit margin. It would be
a great way to advertise (extracts from) featured articles - showing
off our best articles could do a lot of good.

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