Thanks everyone for their responses. Back to the original questions:

- what kind of thing would you, personally, be interested in buying or
getting as a gift? Tshirts, mousemats, cufflinks?
- how much would you be willing to spend?
- what logos would you like? Wikipedia? WMUK, complete family?

Discussions so far have focussed on very limited sales, order on
demand only. No one wants to spend lots of effort doing this, or
taking any significant levels of stock. I don't think it has any
potential to be a major source of funding so I don't suggest we go
down that route.

We're an association, a group of people with a common interest. The
best way to encourage more and more people to join is to generate an
enthusiasm for what we have in common. Stuff like Wikipedia T-shirts
have a great potential to do that. Please don't pile in to rubbish the
idea before it even takes shape.


On Sep 13, 11:04 pm, Andrew Turvey <>
> We've received approval from the Wikimedia Foundation to produce 
> merchandising with Wikimedia trademarks and copyrighted logos on it for sale 
> to our members - anything from mugs and mouse-mats to cufflinks and ties. The 
> plan is to sell them at cost price to members only.
> Quick question - what kind of thing would you be interested in buying and 
> which logos would you want to use (Wikipedia globe? Wikimedia? Wiktionery? 
> Complete family? [1])
> [1]
> Please let me know either by personal reply or just reply to the list.
> Regards,
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