The main monetary benefits of charity status are being able to reclaim
Gift Aid on donations and reduced rates on expenses like room hire and
paypal fees. These are far larger than any profit on T-shirt sales
would ever be.


On Sep 14, 9:34 am, Gordon Joly <> wrote:
> At 23:40 +0100 13/9/09, Andrew Turvey wrote:
> >Hopefully it will be the kind of perk that will attract people who
> >are already active in the projects to become members. As to selling
> >at above cost, the Foundation wasn't too keen on that - worried that
> >we would develop into some kind of commercial arm of the Foundation,
> >which is not really their idea of the role of chapters.
> >Andrew
> Run that by me, one more time?
> Why then seek to gain a tax advantage?
> Gordo
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