Re-reading my original email and the reaction to it I should clarify: 

----- "Andrew Turvey" <> wrote: 
> The plan is to sell them at cost price to members only. 

"Cost price" isn't a restriction from the Foundation - their main restriction 
is that it must be either sold only to members or given away for free as 
publicity. It's up to us what price we sell them at, although if we make 
significant profit margins there are certain tax and charity consequences which 
may be better avoiding. Also I don't want members to get the impression we're 
profiteering. Thinking about it again, cost+20% - which I understand is what 
cafepress do - sounds about right to cover waste, stock etc. 

As I've mentioned before, I don't think the potential volumes justify turning 
this into a fundraising business. However, I do think it could be a good way to 
attract new members and give a benefit to existing members. 

I love the idea of a calendar, and we already have a potential partner in this 
with Robbies Photographics - one of the sponsors of the Wikipedia Loves Art 


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