Yes, this weekend. Open House London will no doubt be on the agenda 
for some of us as well!


>Subject:       [netsquared-31] Charity Hack Event this Weekend
>Date:  Wed, 16 Sep 2009 09:15:35 -0400
>From:  Farhan Rehman <>
>Hi EveryoneJust wanted to let you all know about an event happening this
>weekend in Richmond.  It's being hosted by Paypal, and includes JustGiving
>and Mission Fish.
>It's called Charity Hack.  You can find more details at
><>The event is scheduled to run all day Saturday and
>Sunday (19th and 20th September).
>If you do plan on coming, be sure to sign up on the registration page.
>Also, if you could forward this on to other people who you think might be
>interested, I'd appreciate it.
>Many thanks
>Farhan Rehman
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