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> I'm more concerned about what happens when something is posted to our
> site that is unfair, inaccurate and full of malice. Presumably
> Wikimedia in the US is the publisher,  But what happens if you mark an
> article as patrolled or an edit as flagged without checking that an
> earlier revision elsewhere in the article has excess bile?
> Can we lobby to make sure that we as volunteers are protected in those
> circumstances providing we are editing in good faith?

Possibly. That said, I'm afraid I sometimes specifically avoid editing
certain biographies of UK-based living people known for fiercely
defending their reputations in court.

(FWIW, when someone calls up saying "lawsuit", what they almost always
mean in practice is "I want someone to give a hoot." The fact that we
do in fact give a hoot - and take living bios seriously - does a lot
in practice to make people happier.)

- d.

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