Please find copied below the minutes of the board meeting on Tuesday. 

At the meeting we heard a report back from Mike Peel and Tom Holden from the 
"Pictures in Public" they had just attended, including discussions with people 
from the National Portrait Gallery. We discussed a lead from the St Helena 
Tourism Board who may want to get involved with Britain Loves Wikipedia or 
something similar. 

We're keen to hear from anyone who can help us develop material to use in the 
Schools Project - please email Paul Williams ( 
if you can help with that.

We've also started work on the Annual Wikimedia Fundraiser which is due to 
start on 1st November, and has great potential for attracting funds, members 
and interest in the chapter.

Any corrections, suggestion, comments as always welcome either to this email 
list, in reply to me personally or on the wiki.

Andrew Turvey 
Wikimedia UK 
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Wikimedia UK Board meeting Tuesday 15th September 2009, 8:30pm BST at 

Present: Michael Peel (MP) (Chair); Andrew Turvey (AT) (minutes); Zeyi He (ZH); 
Paul Williams (PW) (part); Tom Holden (TH); Steve Virgin (SV) 

Apologies: Joseph Seddon (JS)   

[ edit ] Minutes of previous meetings 

The minutes of the meeting dated 1 September was approved. 

The following actions were carried forward: 

1. AT will look into where we could produce branded merchandise. 

2. MP to complete the press FAQs at Frequently Asked Questions 

3. MP to work with SV to do mini press releases, no more than one per month, 
advertising spikes in traffic per WP:POPULAR related to particular news events. 

4. PW will develop a proposal for buying a computer for the Schools Project 
with, potentially, peripherals such as a projector, screen, printer etc. 

5. JS to draft an email for the Open Knowledge Foundation mailing list, to 
recruit new members. 

6. AT to arrange printing of the business cards 

7. MP to investigate moving our wiki at to subject to technical feasibility re Single User 
Logins and hosting, with as a potential alternative. Bug 
Report . Once this has been completed, MP to follow up with Wikimedia Ukraine 
regarding the "uk." website conflict. 

8. AT agreed to investigate getting paid legal advice on charitable status, 
using the Foundation's offer to fund. 

9. TH will update the Register of Members for members 29-32. 

10. JS agreed to follow up with his contacts at the BBC Digital Revolution and 
click and get them in touch with the Workplace Learning Lunches. 

11. AT agreed to draft a response to the supporter who wants to support us 
anonymously and circulate to the board. 

12. MP agreed to investigate options for a Britain Loves Wikipedia domain name 
and recommend one to register. 

13. AT agreed to contact each board member to complete the register of 

14. MP agreed to arrange CRB checks for board members and Schools Project 
volunteers once the funding reallocation had been agreed with the Foundation. 

15. MP agreed to investigate moving our OTRS system to one hosted by ourselves 
to reduce the risk that confidential emails are inappropriately viewed by 
non-WMUK people or emails are sent in the name of the chapter without approval. 

16. MP agreed to follow up with the foundation his request for detailed 
statistics on the proportion of UK internet users who use Wikipedia. 

17. PW and MP agreed to complete and distribute the September newsletter. 

[ edit ] Matters arising 

PW and SV have emailed round lists of press contacts; it was agreed these would 
be added to 


There was a discussion on the date of the monthly newsletter - at the start, 
middle or end of the month and it was agreed this would be continued on the 
board mailing list. 

[ edit ] Reports 

[ edit ] Secretary's Report 

The Secretary's Report was noted. Unfortunately no one was able to meet with 
the Wikipedia Loves Art winner who's visiting London so AT agreed to reply with 
our apologies. 


[ edit ] Treasurer's Report 

The Treasurer's Report was noted which showed net unrestricted funds of 

[ edit ] Chair's Report 

The Chair's Report was noted. 

The Board agreed that MP should continue the dialogue with the National 
Portrait Gallery that was started at the Pictures in Public conference, keeping 
the Foundation informed of progress. 

The Board also agreed that MP could install anti-comment spam "Akismet" on the 

[ edit ] Initiatives Report 

The Initiatives Report was noted, with a correction that the Postal museum is 
not yet confirmed. 

Note: the Conferences Report was delayed until JS' arrival 

[ edit ] Corporate Report 

The Corporate Report was noted. SV has been talking to an agent of the St 
Helena Tourism Board regarding the Wikipedia Loves Art concept. MP agreed to 
phone SV to discuss further. 


SV is also following up a lead with Child Wise, who run a project for Hackney 
council. It was suggested we should try to train the teachers rather direct 
teaching children, to avoid child protection barriers. 

MP agreed to send SV the names of the BBC people he had spoken to at the 
Pictures in Public conference for the Workplaces Lunches initiative. 


SV agreed to refer the approach from a commercial database company to Kul at 
the Foundation. 


[ edit ] Volunteers Report 

The Volunteers Report was noted. 

[ edit ] Brighton Seminar 

A message to the email list mentioned a free copyright seminar in Brighton at 
the end of the month. It was agreed in principle that the free content 
conference monies could be used for this and that JS would be asked to take the 
lead with this, making recommendations to the board by email which will be 
approved unless someone objects within 24 hours. AT agreed to approach JS and 
detailed mechanics will be discussed further by email. 


[ edit ] Initiatives 

[ edit ] Schools project 

PW raised a concern that he needed more help developing content for this 
project as he can't do it on his own. PW agreed to drop an email to the schools 
email list setting out what's needed. ZH offered to help and will phone PW to 


PW left the meeting 

[ edit ] Workplace learning lunches 

As discussed under the corporate report, there are problems progressing this 
with the BBC so SV will try an alternative approach. The timeline and budget 
are still outstanding. 

[ edit ] Britain Loves Wikipedia 

V&A have confirmed that they will participate and host the opening event. 

[ edit ] AOB 

[ edit ] Merchandising 

Permission has been received from the Foundation to use their logos for 
merchandise . AT started an email thread discussing what kind of merchandise 
people would buy which threw up some good ideas. AT agreed to investigate 
printing on demand T-shirts and advertise on the wiki, email list, blog, 
twitter and facebook. (see previous action) 

[ edit ] In person board meeting 

The date of 10th October was confirmed; MP will confirm attendance and make 
further arrangements over email. 


[ edit ] Fundraising drive 

AT agreed to send an email regarding the main issues that need agreement on the 
Fundraising Agreement. 


Other tasks identified included the donation content page including our list of 
proposed activities, publicity and the transfer of funds. MP suggested we set 
up a wiki page. Further discussion will take place at the next meeting. 

ACTION: MP [ edit ] Next meeting 

The next meeting was set for Tuesday 29th September, 8:30pm, 

Meeting closed at 22:55 

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