The board appointed me as Head of Fundraising yesterday - I am going
to be taking the lead in our part of the big Wikimedia winter
fundraiser. I am going to need some volunteers to help me. These are
the kind of things I anticipate we'll need to do:

* Finish creating the fundraising website
** Finish the technical side using Joomla and CiviCRM - experience of
these is good, but not essential
** Make the fundraising website look pretty (I have no idea where to
even start with that, so if you do, please volunteer!)
** Write the various bits of text - explanations of who are, what we
do, what we'll spend the money on, thank you emails, etc.
* Press work
** Writing press releases
** Responding to press contacts by phone/email
** Giving TV and radio interviews

If you think you could help with any of that, even just proof reading
things, or if you want to contribute to discussion about what we
should do to help us plan, then please reply to this email. I'm
planning to hold an initial meeting on IRC in a few days, so let me
know if any of the evenings in the next week are more convenient for
you than others.



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