Hi all,

The next WMUK board meeting will be at the London Wikimeet, at  
Pendrel's Oak in Holborn, on the 11th October. You can find  
information about the wikimeet at:
and the agenda for the board meeting is being developed at:

The aim is to have a fairly informal meeting of the board - more of  
an away day than a board meeting - to focus on the broad overview  
rather than the day-to-day details, and also so that we can all get  
to know each other better (IRC is very impersonal).

I'm not sure what the interaction will be with the wikimeet - whether  
the two are effectively merged together, or completely seperate, or  
somewhere in between. We (i.e., anyone that is present) will probably  
decide on what's most suitable on the day. Thoughts/comments on this  
would be greatly appreciated.

Board members: please confirm whether or not you'll be attending on  
the agenda. Please also add points as you want to the agenda (that  
applies generally, not just to board members).

The next IRC-based meeting will be on the 20th October, and will  
focus on initiatives; the agenda for this is at:


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