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> Joking aside, I think that if I had a moment alone with Peter
> Mandelson and could curb my violent impulses for five minutes, I'd put
> it to him that cutting off someone's internet for illegal downloading
> is a punishment liable to be suffered as much by the innocent as the
> guilty.

Can you get him to meet some famous musicians? Childhood TV stars
perhaps? No? Your opinion means approx diddly squat then.

Flick through http://dominicseuroblog.wordpress.com/ if you want to
see the kind of tactics used.

> I'd also like to tell Mandy that copyright terms of life plus 70 years
> is helping a select few whilst denying huge amounts of culture to the
> many and that owning something for 70 years after YOU'RE FRICKIN' DEAD
> is unlikely to be the spur to activity the government thinks it is. In
> addition, a next generation that inherits income from copyrighted
> works actually is disincentivised from getting a job if the income
> from the copyright is sufficient to support them. The government
> normally *loathes* people who don't go out to work, but apparently
> it's fine if your dad happens to have written The Da Vinci Code.

At this point dropping below life+70 isn't going to happen. There
isn't much of a campaign to extend it beyond that though.


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