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>  And all I have in the last post is offensive bollocks.
> THis is way way  disappointing

My sincere apologies to everyone. I'm fairly new to Wikimedia UK and
it's the case that other mailing lists I'm on tend not to be driven by
trying to *achieve* stuff. I realise now that my recent posts haven't
been helping much. I shall modify my behaviour.

I let myself down with that last post; I am trying to achieve a
Buddhist-like approach to my interactions with other people which
means radiating loving-kindness even to those that are giving me the

I shouldn't have let someone saying my opinions mean "diddly squat"
get the better of me, but it rankled and I responded in the way I'm
used to doing on less utilitarian forum. I'll endeavour not to let it
happen again.

For the record, I'm totally behind everything Wikimedia UK is doing
and hope to help out properly when a suitable task comes up (I'm
already committed to typing a transcript of the AGM provided there's a
decent audio file to work from).

My apologies once again.

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