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> On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 06:10:22PM +0000, zeyi wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Our initiative, Britain loves Wikipedia is coming. According the  
>> plan,
>> the event will launch at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Sunday, 31
>> January 2010, followed by a series of events each weekend at museums
>> or galleries around the UK.
> Do we know where the other events after January 31st will be held yet?

Currently, only one - the British Postal Museum Store in Debden,  
Essex, likely on the 20 February. Where the other events will be held  
will depend on which museums are interested in hosting them. They  
should be spread around the country, though, with a different area  
each weekend.

Another thing that help would be much appreciated with is putting  
together a design for the leaflet, which will be given out at the  
museums and will have instructions and targets on it. You can see  
last year's at:

Also, assistance with putting together the webpages would be great.


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