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> Dear All,
> Our initiative, Britain loves Wikipedia is coming. According the plan,
> the event will launch at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Sunday, 31
> January 2010, followed by a series of events each weekend at museums
> or galleries around the UK.
> It would be great if members can join this event at many volunteering
> point. Currently, there are three entries to join in this event:
> 1, designing Poster: Poster will be used to advertise this event on
> local avenue, college campus and other public areas.
> 2, designing T-shit: T-shit will be given to volunteers on that day,
> which need to be remarkable, and represent our logo.
> 3, signing for volunteers: in the event date, we need volunteers on
> museums to lead people, assist museum staff, even encourage people to
> join Wikimedia UK. Please check the date and location from
> http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Initiatives/Britain_Loves_Wikipedia, and
> sign the event which is suitable for you to attend.
> Please do contact Project leader Mike Peel or me for helping any
> issues above. All ideas and comments are welcome!

I would (although not yet a WMF-GB member) be delighted to chase up
Chamber's Street Museum in Edinburgh to do a day.

I got dragged round there from around age 8 (32 years ago) by my
grandfather. He was a teacher and ex-mining engineer from WWII. At that
thime they had a lot of hand-made (but look like Hornby) models of
engineering work. I would be most interested in knowing if they still
have them hidden away somewhere. As a kid I loved going round and
pushing all the buttons to make things like bridges raise and mineheads
run. Those would make great little video clips for commons if I can
borrow some sort of decent vid-cam.

Brian McNeil <brian.mcn...@wikinewsie.org>
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