2009/12/4 Douglas Gardner <microchi...@btinternet.com>:
> This is interesting.
> http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Simple_talk#Point Enabled Pages
> This seems to be something worth looking into. My sister goes to a special
> school, and I can vouch for the usefulness of these symbols when on printed
> media. I have never seen it used online though.
> This seems to be a good list to post it to: it's UK based, and would need
> meatsphere links. Could someone post this to other lists if required; I
> don't follow very many.

As Geni says, it would need to be open source to be installed on
Wikimedia sites. I don't see why it would want to be installed on a
website, though - it should be installed as an add-on to a web
browser. That way only people that want it have it and they have it on
every website they access.

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