Hello UK Wikimedians. This year I would like to try again to get press
passes to festivals on behalf of our community members so that you can get
a free ticket and take some photos for Commons. I am happy to officially
request passes for Wikimedia UK members, so I would like to hear from you
which festivals or other cultural events you would like to attend over the
next year where you think there would be good opportunities to fill missing
gaps in coverage. I think we would be particularly interested in sending
people to events where there would be a lot of cultural diversity of
performers and attendees, to fit into our goal of increasing the diversity
of content on Wikimedia projects.

So photographers especially, please tell me if you have ideas for places
you'd like to get a press pass for so you can go and take photos. Remember
there are also small project grants, so we may be able to pay travel
expenses for project ideas that we especially like! Get in touch and let me
know your ideas.

I am also thinking about whether we can do another session at the Byline
journalism festival this year, which is at the end of August
<https://www.bylinefestival.com/>. Last year we did a panel discussion on
how Wikipedia works. They also gave us free passes for community members.
If you would be interested in coming to this and have ideas about how we
could include the community in a session, please also let me know.

Here are some resources:
UK Music festivals 2018
20 Best festivals in the UK
UK Festival calendar <https://www.thefestivalcalendar.co.uk/?row=32>


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