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Could you share links to the tweets? I will most definitely retweet.

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>/Thanks Douglas, I've added to Facebook and Twitter. It would help if />/others share and retweet on those channels as well. />//>/On 16/05/2018 22:53, Douglas Scott wrote: />/> Hello everyone, />/> />/> I am writing to ask you to consider coming in person to a crucial meeting />/> of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee *Friday 18 May, 9am*, National />/> Parliament, Cape Town. />/> />/> *To attend* the committee meeting, arrive by *08:30 this Friday*. Consult />/> the schedule for Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry, Report back />/by />/> the subcommittee on the Copyright Amendment Bill. />/> />/> This is the last scheduled meeting of the Committee on the Copyright />/> Amendment Act. Scheduled for discussion is consideration of the creators />/> rights issues in the Act, specifically rights to />/> />/> - Parody and satire />/> - Incidental use of background content />/> - Use works in public places (Freedom of Panorama) />/> - Digital archiving />/> - Create educational works />/> - Research, including through data mining, indexing and search />/> - Remix, transform and re-interpret />/> - Create accessible copies for people with disabilities />/> - Fair dealing <> and />/fair use />/> <> />/> />/> I will also be attending to ensure that Freedom of Panorama />/> <> has made it />/> in. As you know this is a very important issue to the South African />/> editing community. />/> />/> Fair Use is also an important issue and at Wikimedia ZA's last AGM we />/voted />/> to support efforts to get the *fair dealing *clause amended to be />/replaced />/> with a *fair use* clause so that editors are at less risk when editing />/> Wikipedia. The basic difference between fair use and fair dealing is />/that />/> fair use basically says you can use X so long as it does *not violate* a />/> few conditions. Whilst fair dealing says you can use X so long as it />/> *satisfies />/> or adheres to* one or more of a list of conditions. Fair use is therefor />/> easier for the public to understand and people to adhere to as it is more />/> flexible whilst still protecting the rights of copyright holders. />/> />/> There are concerns that the bill in its current form encourages both data />/> hugging, private censorship, and exploitative behaviour by large rights />/> holding monopolies and duopolies that is against the public interest. />/> />/> Related to this: A coalition of South African digital creators and />/> entrepreneurs -- called Re-Create -- will be attending the meeting and is />/> inviting support for their declaration of principles for creator’s />/rights: />/> />/> You can learn more about Re-Create by reading their statement here: />/> />/> />/> Please forward this on to anyone you feel might be interested in this. />/> />/> Regards, />/> />/> Douglas />/> />//>/_______________________________________________ />/WikimediaZA mailing list />/WikimediaZA at <> />/ />/To unsubscribe, send an email to />/WikimediaZA-unsubscribe at <> /

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