Dear Wikipedians (Saroj Dhakal, Nirmal Dulal, Nabin Sapkota),

With immense pleasure and gratitude, I Alok Lamsal (faculty at LA) would
like to invite you all for this wiki love monuments session going to be
held at LAC. Your in depth insights for this event would be of great
enlightenment for my students, who are eager to learn and break the four
walls and emerge with flying colors. This event will surely envisage and
breach the gap between the wiki world and the world around.

Session table
1. What is Wikipedia?
2. Why Wikipedia is important?
3. What is Wiki Love Monuments Photo Contest?
4. Some basic Photographic skills?
5. Creating an account for the competition and publish their photography in
the wiki Platform.

Alok Lamsal
LAC A-levels Faculty
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