Dear all,
me and David (plus John, Tpt, Candalua, and now *you*)
are preparing this survey to know more about what WS editors know and think
about Wikisource and its future:

You are welcome to come and edit the survey, adding questions you feel as
important or gjust giving us some feedback.

We feel that data gathered from this survey could be crucial to understand
a bit what the gloabal community wants and how to reach that.
Me and Micru would use the data to write a document to present to WMF and
other organizations (Wikimedia chapters, OKFN, etc.).

With the help of the whole Wikisource community, our aim is to draft a
proposal for the development of some core features.
We strongly believe that if the Wikisource community can express his
opinion on this, the WMF (or other entities) will be able to finally
dedicate some resources to improve Wikisource infrastructure.

This is why is crucial that everyone interested step in and improve the
After that, we will be able to promote it in all Wikisources, and wait for
editors to respond.

Please, tell me what you think about it.

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