Unfortunately, MediaWiki has some strict limits which are easily hit if 
creating large pages or ineffective code.
You can see parser profiling data (and limits currently set) in the bottom of a 
preview page.
We encounter this problem in plwikisource on some really large pages, like:
where there is a lot of transcluded text; and out solution here was to use 
substitution (see the code on the talk page of this page) and handle updates of 
substituted pages by bot.
But this is not your case.
IMO, your problem is that templates you use on the transcluded pages multiple 
times should be as simple as possible, avoiding calling other templates 
(especially if they also call templates, calling templates, ...). As you can 
see previewing this page in wikicode mode:
it generates over 110kB of transcluded code. A lot.
And I can see two possible solutions here:
- simplify the TOC templates (actually, it is more effective to use many simple 
dedicated templates than a single combo), or
- use a LUA module to process all necessary parameters and generate expected 
wikicode avoiding transferring parameters multiple times.
The latter solution is used in fr.ws & pl.ws; see
https://pl.wikisource.org/wiki/Szablon:SpisPozycja and
(based on:
https://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/Module:Table )
In higly-used templates even removal of a not necessary space, semicolon, as 
well as shortening HTML ids, style names, template names or parameters names 
gives sometimes a significant effect.
W dniu 2018-04-07 08:04:20 użytkownik balaji <balajijagad...@gmail.com> napisał:
     I have created a transclusion page in ta.wikisource where some pages are 
not displayed. A localised category which in English means "Pages where 
template include size is exceeded"
The page is  https://ta.wikisource.org/s/8wuc
What to be done for all the pages to be displayed.
J. Balaji
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