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The Digital Media team at the Wikimedia Foundation is currently updating our information about movement social media accounts so that we can share best practices, send out information about upcoming campaigns, and ensure that we're amplifying messaging that's coming out from accounts across the movement.

Could you please let us know:

a) What active accounts your affiliate uses on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media networks?
b) Who runs those accounts?
c) Are there any other Wikimedia-related accounts you’ve managed in the past that are now inactive?

A couple of years back, I created
now having 2800 followers and
now having 1200 followers.
I have made many co-admins to both pages, most of
which are well-known contributors to these projects.

If anybody else wants to be a co-admin with the
ability to post to these pages, add me as a friend
on Facebook and then I can add you as co-admin.

  Lars Aronsson (l...@aronsson.se, user:LA2)
  Linköping, Sweden

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