Dear All,

Firstly I would like to thank you for the continuous support and
contribution to the Wikimedia movement specially in Wikisource.

You are aware that after first wikisourse workshop organized in Patiala,
the Punjabi Wikisource Community is growing rapidly, reaching a total of
7000+ pages proofreaded in last two month. For updated page/
digitized content you go here[2]

But Indic community members have not got any chance to advantages for this
kind of Workshop for their language community. Workshop for Wikisource
of Punjabi,
Sanskrit &  Kannada language community  is completed. Assamese, Gujarati &
Tamil have shown their interest for workshop in coming month. Keeping this
in mind we are planning to have an IRC[1] on 17th February 2019 (@8PM) for
the Indic Wikisource community. Please suggest more Agenda for the IRC.


   - Update status of what we have done after first IRC and IWCC2018
   - Major issues we faced, and how do I help personally towards the
   specific community ( Offline and Online both)
   - Organize edit-thon for Wikisource  ( Offline and Online both)
   - Workshop planning for other community for Oriya Malayalam, Tamil and
   - Advance Wikisource Workshop for Punjabi Community.
   - Add more if you have to discuss ….


Thanks and Regards,

Jayanta Nath
Wikisource Project advisor
Access to Knowledge program
The Centre for Internet & Society
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