I wonder if this is a response to the usual complaints about plagiarised so-called "books" on Amazon.


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Oggetto:        Announcing your new eBook Quality Issues Dashboard
Data:   Wed, 5 Jun 2019 08:38:35 +0000


As a valued KDP publisher, we're including you in an invite-only release of our new eBook Quality Issues Dashboard. Starting today, this dashboard is the way we'll communicate alerts about your eBooks' quality issues.

*What’s new : *

# If you have quality issues to review, you'll see a yellow bar with a link to the Dashboard at the top of your KDP Bookshelf. # On your Dashboard, you can see all issues for all your titles and fix them. # For any new suppression or quality warnings, we'll send you an alert email as soon as possible. # Every Monday you'll receive a weekly notification email for any open quality issues, and will no longer have to manage individual emails for each eBook.

*What’s not changing for you : *

# The information we provide to understand and locate quality issues.
# The options to resolve each issue.
# You can still contact KDP Customer Support for any questions or to follow-up on an open issue.

To learn more about the eBook Quality Dashboard, check our Help page: https://kdp.amazon.com/help/topic/GWCUU33VBJHFSRYN


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