Congratulation to the whole Gujarati Wikisource community for emerging new
project and special thanks to Mr. Modern Bhatt for his dedication!
You are inspirational for another small communities!

Maybe you could share what was the main motivational factor for Bhatt, so
we can replicate your success.

KuboF Hromoslav

ut 11. 6. 2019 o 14:59 sushant savla <>

> Dear All,
> I am writing on behalf of Gujarati Wikisource Community.(Gujarati is one
> of the language native to Western Part of India.)
> The Community is pleased to inform that Gujarati Wikisource Community has
> started "Audio Book" section for the benefit of the visually impaired
> people as well as for the people who do not take out time to read due to
> compulsions of busy schedule.
> The idea of an audio book was there for a long time in mind but due to
> small community size the attention could not be made on this front. In the
> Gujarati Wikisoruce Conference at Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India (23 & 24
> February 2019), One of the Participant Mr. Modern Bhatt showed keen
> interest on this project and he started working on the same. He has single
> handedly completed 5 books and working on the next book. The community
> highly appreciates the great work by Mr. Modern Bhatt.
> So far 5 full books have been converted to Audio Format. Their links can
> be found at the Gujarati Wikisource main page. The Audio file link is
> placed at Chapter Header as well as, as an Audio Book Index, wherein All
> the Audio files are placed as per Index. an Example of the same can be
> viewed here
> Regards,
> Sushant Savla
> on behalf of Gujarati Wikisource Community
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