On 7/21/19 8:04 PM, Nicolas VIGNERON wrote:
Wikimania is in less than a month!
A lot of things related to Wikisource will happen there!

Welcome to Sweden! Is anybody interested in seeing the inside
of some libraries, while in Stockholm? In the days before, during
or after Wikimania?

There is a "culture crawl" planned for Thursday August 15, or
rather four different crawls, but they almost signed full already,
However, no libraries are included in the culture crawls.

The Swedish Wikisource community is very small and disorganized,
so I can't show any projects that it has completed.
As some of you know, I am the founder of Project Runeberg,
a somehow competing project, which also has a small or
non-existing community and nothing physical to display to visitors.

We might find an opportunity to visit the Royal Library, which is
the national library of Sweden, and some other libraries in
Stockholm. But to organize this during the days of Wikimania,
there is a risk of colliding with other conference events.

For an excursion to Uppsala University (80 km away), we would
definitely need an extra day. Is that realistic? If so, which day?
(Skokloster castle is another destination, close to Uppsala, so
a visit could be included in the same trip.)

  Lars Aronsson (l...@aronsson.se)
  Project Runeberg - free Nordic literature - http://runeberg.org/

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