Dear all,

A new feature should be deployed on Wikisource Wednesday. it allows to
easily add categories to Index: pages.

A new field is added at the end of the Index: pages editing interface
that allows to input the categories the Index: page should be in.

The change is already live on the beta environment:
The categories Foo, Bar and Bat are added using the new feature.

The categories inserted inside of other Index: pages fields still work
as before.

It uses a JavaScript editing widget similar to HotCat with a text
based fallback for editors with JavaScript disabled or too old web

For bots/gadgets people: these categories are serialized in Wikitext
just like in regular wikitext pages, at the end of the Index: pages
wikitext serialization. Most bots/tools should that are used to deal
with categories should work without changing anything. You might
however need to loosen the content model filter from "wikitext" to
"wikitext" or "proofread-index".

For interface editors: the "category" field is a "magic" field
directly managed by ProofreadPage. You do not need to (and you could
not) add it using the usual ProofreadPage system messages.



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