Hello all,

Is it possible to pause and resume a Mediawiki edit?

To explain, I've written a MW extension that accesses an external
database; this database requires OAuth authentication [1.0, pre-OAuth
wars version], which is a three-step process requiring the user to be
redirected to an external site to allow the extension access to the
external db. If the MW extension already has an access token for the
extDb, all is well. However, if there isn't a token, there is a
problem. This is a tag extension, and is triggered by finding a
certain XML tag in the wiki page, which typically occurs in the
'preview' or 'submit' of an edit, e.g.
http://server.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bibliography&action=submit (the
parser hook is ParserFirstCallInit). The callback URL constructed by
the OAuth code returns you to the page you were editing, but in its
pre-edit state: i.e. you lose all your edits.

How can I resume the edit and not lose my edit data?

Thanks for any help, clues, or workarounds!

Amelia Ireland
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