Hi all,

We’re excited to announce Wikimedia’s participation in Google Season of
Docs! 🎉 For the first time since 2020, Wikimedia is applying for Google
Season of Docs[1]: a program that provides grants to technical writers to
work on documentation for open-source projects.

This year, we’ll be selecting one Wikimedia documentation project and, if
accepted by Google, hiring one technical writer to complete the project.

For details about the program and how to apply, see the wiki page[2].

Here's how you can get involved:

- [Until March 22] Propose a project, share feedback on a project, or
volunteer to help support a project[3].
- [Until April 28] Apply as a technical writer. We highly encourage
Wikimedians to apply! Even if you’re not a professional technical writer,
we value experience working on wikis.

Our goal is to use this program to improve MediaWiki.org and other
Wikimedia technical documentation, supplementing the work done by
volunteers and staff. We’re hoping to use this year’s edition as a model to
expand the program to multiple projects in future years.

Let's make this a successful season of documentation together! 📚

- Alex and Onyinyechi

[1] - https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs
[2] - https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Season_of_Docs/2024
[3] -

Alex Paskulin
Technical Writer
Wikimedia Foundation
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