A minor correction, we will be switching to Dallas on Wednesday, September

On Wed, Mar 20, 2024 at 5:23 PM Alexandros Kosiaris <akosia...@wikimedia.org>

> Hello everyone,
> Please join us in celebrating a very successful Datacenter Switchover.
> This switch to our data center in Virginia was run by Effie Mouzeli.
> Despite some minor hiccup on Effie's network connection (a similar thing
> happened to Clément a year ago, this is starting to become a pattern) it
> was completed without a hitch.
> For context, the Site Reliability Team (SRE) runs a planned data center
> switchover periodically, moving all wikis from our primary data center in
> (for this instance, Texas) to the secondary data center (for this instance,
> Virginia). This is an important periodic test of our tools and procedures,
> to ensure the wikis will continue to be available even in the event of
> major technical issues. It also gives all our SRE and ops teams a chance to
> do maintenance and upgrades on systems that normally run 24 hours a day.
> The switchover process requires a brief read-only period for all
> Foundation-hosted wikis, which started at 14:00 UTC on Wednesday March
> 20th, and lasted 3 minutes and 8 seconds. All our public and private wikis
> continued to be available for reading as usual. Users saw a notification of
> the upcoming maintenance, and anyone still editing was asked to try again
> in a few minutes.
> As with the previous Switchover, I 've been trying to discern the effect
> of the Switchover in many of the graphs we have to monitor the
> infrastructure in https://grafana.wikimedia.org. In many, it's impossible
> to tell the event. We consider this very nice and attribute it to various
> improvements done throughout the years from many teams, in and outside SRE.
> The most discernible graph we have is of the edit rate.
> This switchover is our first where we are predominantly on MediaWiki on
> Kubernetes, setting a very nice milestone for the project.
> As per our newer process, we no longer have a Switchback. We will be
> staying in Virginia as our primary data center for the next 6 months,
> switching back to Virginia on Wednesday, September 25th.
> As always, my deepest thanks to all people that have helped with this, in
> one way or another, ranging from the person running point, to all SREs and
> developers/deployers participating or having contributed, to people in
> Movement Communications for helping with the messaging.
> To report any issues, you can reach us in #wikimedia-sre on IRC, or file a
> Phabricator ticket with the datacenter-switchover tag (pre-filled form
> here); we'll be monitoring closely for reports of trouble during and after
> the switchover. (If you're new to Phab, there's more information at
> Phabricator/Help.) The switchover, preparation as well as followup actions
> are tracked in Phabricator Task T357547
> --
> Alexandros Kosiaris
> Principal Site Reliability Engineer
> Wikimedia Foundation

Alexandros Kosiaris
Principal Site Reliability Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation
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