Hey everyone,

Product and technology development at the Wikimedia Foundation is guided by
the annual plan, which sets the focus for the Foundation – what are the
central areas we are trying to address?

We have now posted the Product & Technology draft key results for next
fiscal year on Meta. They aim to explain what outcomes we are working

The objectives and draft key results are divided into different sections,
and the ones most relevant to this list are "WE5" and "WE6" (Wiki
Experiences #5 and #6). They are about evolving the MediaWiki platform to
better meet Wikipedia's core needs and to give technical staff and
volunteer developers the tools they need to effectively support the
Wikimedia projects.

To give a couple of examples, here we have key results like

"By Q2, introduce a sustainability scoring system for the Toolforge
platform across a variety of technical and social factors. By Q4, improve
one of its key technical factors by 50%"


"Identify by Q2 and complete by Q4 one or more interventions to evolve the
MediaWiki ecosystem’s programming interfaces to empower decoupled, simpler
and more sustainable feature development"

Out of context, they might not say much, but there are more explanations on
the Meta page. We welcome any feedback on the draft:

(The Wikimedia Foundation fiscal year runs from July through June, so this
covers July 2024 through June 2025.)


*Johan Jönsson*Manager, Product Ambassadors
Wikimedia Foundation <https://wikimediafoundation.org/>
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