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Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Wikimedia Technical Community Newsletter!
We're excited to bring you a roundup of  highlights, news, and information
of interest from and about the Wikimedia Technical Community.  The
newsletter is compiled by staff(s) working on developer outreach.

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๐Ÿ“ข Action Items


   Send in your Nominations for the 2024 Coolest Tool Award ๐Ÿ› 

The nomination for the 2024 Coolest Tool Award  is open! Please recommend
tools until Friday May 10th, 2024. You can nominate as many tools as you
want by filling out the survey multiple times. Submitting multiple entries
is encouraged!  Visit -
to nominate a tool and for more information on the award & nomination


   Are you passionate about the intersection of wiki-based collaboration
   and cutting-edge research? Do you have insights, ideas, or findings to
   share with the wiki community? We invite you to submit your proposals
   <https://wikiworkshop.org/call-for-hall> for presentations, workshops,
   and papers to the upcoming Wiki Workshop! Additionally the team will  be
   holding office hours to answer any questions about this new track and the
   submission process. We invite you to schedule some time on Tuesday, April
   16 or Thursday, April 25 in the following link-
   https://calendar.app.google/igcEC3fqTAF8MRDE7. You can also email us at
   wikiworks...@googlegroups.com with any questions about the Hall or the
   Workshop in general.

๐Ÿš€ Project Spotlights: With the 2024 Wikimedia Hackathon just around the
corner, discover everything you need to know about the event format,
program details, social activities, and more! Plus, catch up on the success
stories from the recently concluded Outreachy Internship Program and gain
fascinating insights from the Wikimedia Wishaton.

The Wikimedia Technical Community is large and diverse - it's hard to
capture everything. We would love to  hear your ideas. Have a topic you'd
like us to cover or a story to share? Ideas for future newsletter editions?
Please add your suggestion to the talk page
<https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:Technical_Community_Newsletter>. We'd
love to hear from you!

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