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Hello all,

The TDMP Retro Committee has finalized the gathering and analysis of
the Technical
Decision-Making Process Retrospective and Consultation phase

This document presents the findings of the survey conducted among the
Wikimedia technical community regarding their perspectives on a technical
decision-making process in July 2023.

The purpose of this document is to serve as a comprehensive summary,
offering insights from the retrospective collection of opinions and voices
within the technical community. It is not intended to provide a new
decision-making methodology or devise a fresh process.

It serves to inform the next steps of the process of re-evaluating and
adjusting the current technical decision making process.

The report is now available on MediaWiki at Retrospective and Consultation:
Results and Analysis

Mark Bergsma (VP SRE), Tajh Taylor (VP Data Sci and Eng), and Suman
Cherukuwada (Senior Dir Feature Eng) are taking on the responsibility to
determine what changes to make to the TDMP. They will guide a process to
solicit input and feedback on a proposal that will be open to staff and
volunteer technical contributors.

Thank you,

Moriel, on behalf of the TDMP Retro Core Group.

Core group:

   - Moriel Schottlender (chair)
   - Daniel Kinzler
   - Chris Danis
   - Kosta Harlan
   - Temilola Adeleye

Moriel Schottlender (she/her <https://pronoun.is/she>)
Principal Software Engineer
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