Should it be understood as a new start on a green lawn (old requests will
be ignored) or will old requests be somehow imported or will they have any

D. K.

pi 10. 5. 2024 o 19:01 Sandister Tei <> napísal(a):

> Hello everyone,
> We have an update on some changes coming to the Wishlist:
>    1. The new edition of the survey will *open in July and remain open
>    year-round*.
>    2. *There will be a new intake form*. Volunteers can submit a wish in
>    their preferred language and do not need to know Wikitext.
>    3. Volunteers will be able to submit wishes, review wishes, edit
>    existing wishes, and discuss wishes with one another and the Foundation
>    staff.
>    4. Wishes will be grouped into "*Focus Areas"*.
>    5. Participants will *vote for the Focus Areas.*
>    6. Wishes can be categorized by project(s) and by “type” (bug, feature
>    request, optimization, and so on)
>    7. We’ll eventually have a *dashboard* which will allow users to
>    search for wishes and filter by project or wish type.
> For the full update and screenshots, please read our announcement on Meta
> <>
> .
> Best regards,
> Sandister Tei <> (she/her)
> Movement Communications Specialist (Community Tech & Trust and Safety)
> Wikimedia Foundation
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